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4D: Map Music 

The main theme that I wrote for an AR mobile application for Melbourne Knowledge week, 2018.  Created by Phoria.

Santa's lil Helper

The main theme that I wrote for a Christmas AR mobile app called, Santa's lil Helper. Created by Phoria for the City of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

Slow Dance into The Fire

I wrote this track for the closing scene of a theatrical production of the Australian play, 'Away' in 2017.  The track begins quietly, slowly making its way down a quiet secluded ocean beach but ahead the horizon is fire.


Original score written for a contemporary dance work entitled 'Fire'. Performed at the Clocktower Centre Theatre in Melbourne on the 13th August, 2017.


Contemporary Theatre show that I scored for the students from Melbourne Grammar School.  Show performed at the Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne 2016.

Kitsugi- The Art of Mending

Contemporary Dance Show that I scored and performed live.  Choreographed and performed by Victorian State Ballet at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016.

A Nightmare on Dance Street

Commercial Dance show that I scored.  Performed at The Palais Theatre, Melbourne 2015.

The River

The main theme that I wrote for a short film in Melbourne, 2015.

Run, Nell, Run

An action cue I wrote for a touring puppet show about Australian messenger dogs on the front line in World War One

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