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For as long as I can remember I have always been involved in the creative and performing arts.  I can vividly recall the day my school teacher mother brought home the Casio keyboard that her schools music department had just purchased.  This amazing keyboard had a symphonic strings sound bank and the capacity to record a melody line over a chord progression.  I was hooked and have been composing music with this amazing technology (eventually replacing the Casio with computers) ever since. 


After high school I studied Drama and Dance and after graduating began working professionally in these fields.  I continued to compose music for my own performance endeavours and began to be approached by my peers in the the performing arts to develop music and soundscapes for their projects.  I discovered that I loved this collaboration process and began to focus more on music. 


Around the same time a friend told me about the Tropscore competition where composers are given the same short film and compose a score to the picture.  I discovered how satisfying it was to facilitate the nuances and emotions of a film with music and sound. 


Since then I have been selected to participate in the prestigious ASCAP/NYU Film Scoring Workshop in New York City,  completed a year long Music for the Media course from Thinkspace Education as well as short courses at the Victorian College of the Arts and Berklee Online.  I have recently composed original music for Circus, Dance, Theatre, Film, Virtual Reality and a state government funded touring Puppet Show and am constantly looking out for my next exciting creative collaboration.  


Recent companies I have worked for include: 


Catalyst VR


Victorian State Government

Melbourne Grammar School

Dancebourne Arts

Victorian State Ballet


Masters of Choreography


3 High Acrobatics


Asanti Dance Theatre


New Golden Age Productions


Bright Day Films


The Bowery Collective


Door Hinge Studios


Melbourne Dance Theatre


The Delta Project/Arts Access Victoria


Steps Outreach Service


Ancient Pickle







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